Invited Speakers

Renee AdamsOxford“What’s good for women is good for science: Evidence from the American Finance Association”
Jo Van BiesebroeckKU Leuven“Strategic Trade Liberalization”
Laurens CherchyeKU Leuven“Stable marriage, household consumption and unobserved match quality”
Lata GangadharanMonash“Gender Biases in Performance Evaluation: The Role of Beliefs versus Outcomes”
Guyonne KalbUniversity of Melbourne“From Partnered to Single: Financial Security Over a Lifetime”
Fuhito KojimaTokyo“Ekkyo matching: How to connect separate matching markets for welfare improvement”
Johannes KunzMonash“The Effect of Migrant Networks on Labor Market Integration, Local Firms, and Employees”
Renee McKibbinAustralian National University“Commodity Price Cycles and the Interdependence of Commodity and Equity Markets”
James Morley University of Sydney“Estimating r* via trend-cycle decomposition that is robust to apparent model misspecification”
Bruce PrestonUniversity of Melbourne“Monetary policy trade-offs at the zero lower bound”
Petr SedlacekUNSW“Productivity, demand and growth”
Philipp StrackYale“Selective Memory Equilibrium”