The final program is available here.

All sessions will be hosted via Zoom. We recommend installing and familiarising yourself with the (free) Zoom desktop client in advance of the conference.

Links to each session have been posted on the program above. The password will be communicated to registered delegates by email in the week prior to the conference.

Guidelines for presenters and chairs of contributed sessions

Contributed sessions last 90 minutes. The time available per paper is 22.5 minutes. A presentation of 20 minutes is suggested to leave time for questions.

All microphones will be automatically muted on entry to the session to minimize disruption from people entering during the session. The chair, speakers, and audience members will need to unmute their microphones as necessary.

Unless otherwise indicated in the program, the chair is the last speaker in the session. The chair is responsible for keeping the session running on time and for managing questions. Chairs can allow brief clarifying questions during the talk but should defer more substantial questions to the end of the talk, or to after the session.

Each session will have support from someone at UQ to assist with any technical issues that may arise. For the most part these will be graduate students.